Winter Tips to Protect Your Lawn

The winter seasons are about to come and eventually, we will get to see snow in our freezing climate. Even a professional aménagement paysager greatly agree on how a severe winter can be damaging to lawns. Sadly, there are tons of misconceptions when it comes to protecting yards and lawns every winter season. Hence, in this article, we will somehow clear up some of these misconceptions and educate you on some beneficial tips to help you protect your lawn for many upcoming winter seasons to come: 

Water your lawn 

Even if it is cooler, you should never deprive your lawn of water. It’s essential to keep on watering your lawn. Even if it may not appear like it, your grass is still developing throughout the fall seasons. Make sure to adhere to a watering schedule that’s perfect for your yard for you to promote development. Once the ground starts to freeze, you can halt watering.  

Eliminate leaves 

If you usually find leaves on your lawn’s ground, then now is the time to move them out of the way. Also, you need to guarantee that they are eliminated prior to the first frost. When you leave leaves on the grass, you are risking to encounter unappealing brown patches on your lawn. Aside from that, the leaves retained on the grass can stop the grass below from having sun. Such hazardous leaves can lead to an obstacle between your grass and the sun that stops your grass from breathing.  

Fertilize prior to the first frost 

The ideal time for you to fertilize your lawn is doing this prior to the first occurrence of frost.  Doing this provides your grass with the important nutrients for them to endure and store throughout the winter season. Such nutrients can greatly aid your lawn to survive the cold seasons and provide the spark that it requires to achieve a burst of freshness this spring. You have to start planning to make this as your ultimate fertilizing period of the year. If you fertilize your lawns at this time of the year, they will surely be the first ones to develop healthy and rich during springtime.  

Aerate once a year 

It is really important to guarantee that you let your lawn to “breathe” throughout the winter and fall seasons. This also allows the compacted areas to break up and clear things out from obstructing your grass that receives the right water and nutrients that they need. Aside from that, your lawn’s aerating process will enable oxygen to penetrate into the soil that helps in keeping up the green color and lush quality that we’re always going for. There are several advantages of aerating your lawn and some of these include letting your seeds sprout, which paves way for new grass to thrive without being interfered with by compacted soil or weeds.  

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll definitely have a lawn that will be the talk of the town when springtime comes. If you need lawn care assistance, contact a trusted local landscaper today. 

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