Client Testimonials

Read a few feedback of our Clients and thier vacations near the beach.

Words of Praise from a few of our Satisfied Customers


Noa & Jacob,
It was great to take a break from a busy life in Boston and to such a warm and relaxing week in Cabuya (Newville House).  We loved the house from the wonderful pool (& waterfall) to the beautiful fruit trees and hammock.
Things we've enjoyed doing in Cabuya:
  1. buying fish from local fishermen & steaming it with the banana leaves in the back
  2. making guacamole!
  3. reading all the books in the house by the pool.
  4. chasing a bird out of our house (that accidentally flew in)
  5. being more mindfull of the front door (see above point!)
  6. buying the "tres leches" dessert from the Panederia
  7. wonderful walk through Cabo Blanco.
  8. trying "gallo pinto" at all the local spots - our favorite = Defin de la Luna.
  9. making mixed drinks from some local juices & "cuatro plumas"
  10. overall beautiful house
  11. friendly local people
Thanks again for the wonderful stay!
Elena & Tom
(Mar 20, 2010)


We've been here a week and enjoyed every minute.  Most of our time was spent poolside, but we did make it to the Rainsong sanctuary down the road and of course, to the Cabuya Island cemetery.
Our 15-month old daughter enjoyed the daily drop-bys from the chickens, dogs and the skittish kitty out front.  Birds, birds, birds!  We've had three salamanders take up residence on the walls.  Thankfully, nothing with eight legs and hair.  One more night to go.
We used the kitchen here for meals, supplies coming from Super David.  We did test out the pizza in the village and were glad we did.
The house design came up often.  Wonderful use of light, and the stone somehow kept things cool in the swelter.  Suffice to say, better than any (well within reason) hotel or resort experience to be had.
Also, the reinforced bars on the windows offered another level of comfort.  We felt no need to fear the townfold - all seemed quite nice.  But we also haven't worried about what might saunter in from the cemetery after dark!
Though again, one more night to go.
Vince, Yael & Georgia
(March 1-8, 2010)


We have been here at Newville House four weeks now.  Everyday I have been u shortly after dawn to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells & feel of the garden.  It is very calming!
The pool has been a welcome respite in all of these very hot days - thank you for it!
To others who visit, the fish is always good, but there is nothing like getting to the bakery when their amaxing pastries are still warm!  Their coffee is THE BEST!
Much gratitude is extended to Noa & Jacob for their immediate and thoughtful response to all our questions & concerns.
We wish you much joy in Cabuya.
Pura Vida
(Feb 28, 2010)


For those interested in birds, the following is a list of species seen in, or from the garden.  This is a birder's paradise!
Over one month, February, we have seen:
magnificent frigatebird, black vulture, turkey vulture, crested caracara, yellow-headed caracara, white-tipped dove, inca dove, orange-fronted parakeet, orange-chinned parakeet, white-fronted parrot, red-lored parrot, yellow-naped parrot, groove-billed ani, common paurague, stripe-throated berruit, cinnamon hummingbird, green-breasted mango, sufous-tailed hummingbird, ruby-throated hummingbird, collared aracari, hoffmann's woodpecker, lineated woodpecker, barred antstrike, scissor-tailed flycatcher, panama flycatcher, great kiskadee, social flycatcher, tropical kingbird, masked tityra, white-throated magpie-jay, mangroe swallow, barn swallow, sufous-naped wren, house wren, tennessee warbler, yellow warbler, prothonotary warbler, blue-grey tanager, white-collared seedeater, blue-blo grassguit, olive sparrow, painted banting, melodious blackbird, great-tailed grackle, baltimore (northern) oriole, pale-billed woodpecker
I can recommend a guide, "The Birds of Costa Rica", by Garrigues of Dean & for those interested in pursuing the birds of this wonderful country.
Some range maps need updating, ut is is an excellent field guide.
Pura vida!
David Dunham
Biologist, University of Toronto, Canada
Mammals enjoyed by Maree in the garden:
agouti, peccary, varigated squirrel, howler monkeys
p.s. the birds were a joy, especially the toucans/parrots


Noa & Jacob,
Thank you for your hospitality when we arrived on your doorstep - your children are a delight.  The house here is a great design with lots of little extras.  The pool was a great place to cool off on hot days.  We would have used it even more with a little more permanent shade area.  The yard is a great plus.
Sheila & Blair
(Feb 21, 2010)


Noa & Reem,
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!  What a beautiful place you have created!  Perfect for relaxing and whiling away sunny Costa Rican days.  This is truly Pura Vida!
We loved our time here and look forward to returning.  This house has been such a welcoming haven for siestas and cooling off from our adventures of the day.  Thank you for creating such a lovely home to share.  It truly feels like a home.
D   & Laura
(Jan 9, 2010)


Noa & Reem,
Well life is certainly easy here in the Casa.  The proximity to twn and still having a deep sense of countryside is just a gift.  The birdsong mixes with howler monkey barking in a very singular key at dawn. Wow!
There is nothing like it.
I found the house and pool well designed and simple to care for and relax in.  Well done.
We are so excited to get to know you better as we orient down here in our "home town" more and more.
Gracias and good health to your family.
Lisa & Alan
(Jan 16, 2010)


You have created a lovely home here in Cabuya.  Airy and comfortable.  You both should be proud of all you have accomplished in a few short years.  We are grateful for all of the help you have given us in our quest for a life in Costa Rica & look forward to having you as neighbours.
Pura Vida,
Kristin, Matt & Lila
(Jan 16, 2010)



Noa & Jacob
This was the best vacation we've ever had!  Thank you for making us feel like part of the family and helping us get to know beautiful Cabuya.
For future guests, here are some suggestions:
  • ask Noa & Jacob any and all questions...they are amazing hosts with a wonderful story.
  • get to know Jenny, the owner of the Coyote....she makes lovely pizza & smoothies...she is very keen to help you find anything you need.
  • we rented a 4-wheeler through Jenny and would recommend it to everyone
  • Some good places to eat are the Soda, the bakery, the Coyote, and a restaurant house with a great view 1 km past the Coyote of the left.
  • Noa can recommend a babysitter if you need....wonderful Alex!
We are sad to be leaving Cabuya and the Newville Pool house (as are our daughters), but we're very glad to have had the chance to see this wonderful village.
Hope to visit again and we loved meeting your whole family.  Maryanne and Charlotte will miss Lynn & Eco...what lovely kids you have!
Look forward to staying in touch via email to see how everything is going in Cabuya.
Best Wishes,
Simon & Aimee Drake
(Jan 30, 2010)

recommendations we feel so lucky to have found your house on-line, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.
we love the open design, and it was so nice to sit around the island in the kitchen, and the table and bench in the dinning area,
the pool is PERFECT! it was so refreshing to stand under the waterfall on those hot afternoons, it was wonderful to just sit in the back yard and relax amongst the greenery that felt so natural and well cared for.
we saw Howler monkeys nearby every day, moving through the trees next door and across the street.
the beaches here are so beautiful, the bakery down the street is priceless. we are already planing our vacation next year and hope we are able to rent your house again,
thank you for everything. with love in our hearts- pura vida!!

Kip and Margaret, U.S.A
Jan 2010

recommendations Noa and Jacob,
we had a wonderful time staying at the Labadee house.
the house is absolutely adorable and we enjoyed the garden /wildlife.
Cabuya is a great little town and it was fantastic to be so near to the Cabo Blanco reserve.
you all were also super helpful when we needed advice about the town. we appreciate your hospitality.

Theresa and Kat, San Fran, CA
Dec 2009

recommendations Thanks for the stay at your wonderful Cabuya house. Our time here was incredible! Super fun surf, great fresh fish, friendly locals, and memories to last a lifetime. Put me on the calendar to come back really soon.

Lucas Snyder

recommendations Newville is an excellent vacation rental house for people looking for a relaxed laid-back holiday in a beautiful location. Gracious and friendly hosts, nice pool, spacious, clean, great location surrounded by varied, interesting, abundant wildlife. We stayed for 11 nights and cannot recommend the place too highly.

James, Mary and Lee
Apr 2009.

recommendations Great to be here in Cabuya at the Casa Ayres. Thanks for having us. It's been wonderful....great food, good surf, great scenery, and wonderful locals. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Jan McDaniel

recommendations We have wonderful memories of Labadee vacation house near Montezuma. We stayed 7 nights and had a fantastic time and wished we had booked more nigths. The house has a beautiful setting, is well-maintained and kept very clean. The garden is amazing green and tropical flowers with lots of colors, a BBQ nights are certainly highly recommendable when buying fresh fish from the local fishermen for next to nothing. Although the beach is rocky, it is right neer by and there are places where the white send covers parts of the beach. The owners were extremely friendly and willing to assist with any of our needs. We hope to return one day.

Alice and Tom, CA
Jun 2009.

recommendations Thanks for sharing your house with us. The vacation was great. What a beautiful part of Costa Rica. It was so nice to spend time out of the busy toursity areas and enjoy some peace and quiet in your "neighborhood". The drive to Mal Pais was fun every time. The surf was addictive. Jenny at the Coyote was great.....if you want to learn or improve your Spanish skills, grab a pot of her delicious cafe and be prepared to learn, she is awesome. Thanks again for the was muy, muy bueno!!

Erin Young

recommendations There is nothing like waking up each morning to the sound of Howler monkeys and mooing cows. Casa Ayres and Cabuya has been our best experience in Costa yet. Santa Teresa has some of the biggest waves I ever surfed. We hiked Cabo Blanco yesterday during the rain and still had a great time, definately a must do. Put us on the calender!

Jay and Lindsay DiBonna, Florida
Sep 2008.