Getting To Cabuya, Montezuma

How to Get to Cabuya, Montezuma, Costa Rica.Tips and reminders of your trip from San Jose to your vacation rental in Cabuya village by the sea

Getting Here

sansa airlineFrom San José to Cabuya beach, Montezuma, the recommended way is to fly!

By Plane:

Either with Sansa from Alajuela (right next to the international airport) or from Pavas with Nature Air to Tambor. You will arrive within 25 minutes at the Tambor airport.  You can reserve a taxi to take you to Cabuya (which costs approximately $40 one way)
Cost is about $85 one way.

You can reserve tickets at

By Bus:

Bus to Puntarenas (Tell the taxi driver: A la estación de Buses a Puntarenas)

From there take a taxi to the Ferry to Paquera or walk to the Lancha. Once you get to Paquera, there will always be a bus going to Montezuma via Tambor/Cóbano.  At the last stop in Montezuma there will be a bus waiting to take you to Cabuya.  Ask to stop at the bakery in Cabuya, there you will see a sign saying "houses for rent - Jacob". That’s us.

By the Direct Bus:

There is a direct bus which leaves twice a day from the big bus station "Coca Cola" in the center of San José. (506) 2642 0220

By Rental Car:

You may also drive a rented car to Puntarenas, where you’ll join the queue of waiting vehicles and wait for the guy with the "ficha". The "ficha" is a slip of paper which is handed out by the staff of the ferry to all cars that will fit on the ferry.  Only with the "ficha" will you be able to buy your tickets. Be aware: sometimes there are people asking for money so that you can get on the ferry. Don't give money to anyone walking along the queue. The tickets are sold at the counter on the corner.