Cancer in Dogs

When it comes to cancer nothing is really easy. It is a disease that all of us fear especially if it comes to our loved ones. When your dog has cancer, it can be a devastating time and you may feel helpless however here are some of the things that will help you tackle the situation more courageously. 

  1. Pet Cancer is as common as humans having cancer 

It is always helpful to accept that your pet is as susceptible to cancer as you are to cancer. The immune system of your pet also deteriorates through time like humans causing your dog to be more at risk to have cancer. It is actually recorded that dogs have 47% chance of getting cancer while cats on the other hand have 36% chance. The percentage suggests that dogs having cancer is as high as humans having cancer, that’s why you need to recognize that your dog having cancer is as normal as it gets.  

2. Do your research 

When you do not have enough knowledge on what you are facing, it actually becomes more frightening, that’s why it is very helpful and important to do your own research and not just rely on the things that your veterinarian said, especially on the words your veterinarian explained that you had a difficulty in understanding. Research about cancer and the specific cancer your pet has and look for possible things that can help aid the discomfort of your pet.  

Make sure you know what to expect in the situation and the possible costs needed. There can also be other options that you can opt for and know the pros and cons of each option. 

3. Know your options 

When it comes to cancer, therapies vary in number. Some can be through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and some immunotherapy. Some cancer only includes one type of therapy however not all cases are the same. Some more severe cases of cancer include a combination of therapies.  

4. Veterinary Oncologist 

A veterinary oncologist will help in making sure that you get the best option or treatment option for your pet. Just like how humans get another opinion when it comes to dealing with cancer, you should also do so with your pets.  

5. Terminology 

When you do your research about cancer and the specific cancer your pet has, always take note of the terminology that your veterinarian used. Taking note of the terminologies will help you in understanding the situation more and can help you know more about your pet’s cancer when you visit your veterinary oncologist the next session.  

There are more things that will help you handle the situation of your pet having cancer. These things will help you in navigating the situation better. If ever you want to help your pet with the side effects of cancer, CBD oils and treats also helps in doing that. You may be wondering, is there any CBD near me? Then don’t worry. You can go ahead and visit the website The website offers various choices of CBD from liquid form to treats which comes in handy with pets that want to take medication in a more fun way.